OTR Plot Spot is devoted to Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror/Thriller, and Action/Adventure audio drama, and offers an ever-expanding online resource to discovering those genres in the grand tradition of Old Time Radio.

There is something truly magical about sitting with your eyes closed in a darkened room and letting words paint pictures in your mind... piloting your spaceship through the Crab Nebula... escaping a werewolf's pursuit... discovering buried treasure on a deserted island...

But if you are new to Old Time Radio, where do you start?

Well, we created this site to help others answer that question. Here you will find plot summaries of over 2,100 episodes from nearly 70 different radio series (from 1937 to the present)... in addition to CD cover art... covers from old pulp magazines... reviews and recommendations from other fans... a modest listening booth... and a catalogue of famous authors' work.